Medical Solutions’ annual survey underscores mental wellbeing as key factor in nurse retention

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The survey provides insights into crucial aspects influencing clinician recruitment and retention.

OMAHA, Neb. — Medical Solutions, which connects nurses and allied health clinicians with hospitals and healthcare systems, has released findings from its annual Voices of Care survey. The survey provides insights into why many nurses may be considering a career change. One key finding reveals that better support and mental wellbeing are key factors driving their decisions.

The survey found that, regardless of the nursing career type, the primary reasons prompting nurses to consider leaving the profession are the pursuit of better salary and benefits, along with job-related mental health issues, stress, or burnout.

In fact, 40.2% of respondents selected job-related mental health issues, stress, or burnout as one of the top three reasons for them to decide to leave nursing. At the same time, 27.5% selected unmanageable workloads as a primary reason, and 27.2% expressed that feeling undervalued or unsupported by their organization would prompt them to consider leaving.

“Several of the reasons we saw correlate with support and mental wellbeing,” said Patti Artley, Chief Nursing Officer at Medical Solutions. “What that should tell us is that we need to shift some of our current practices to focus on fostering workplaces where every team member feels genuinely happy and valued every day.”

The survey gathered responses in December 2023 from 7,117 registered nurses. This included traveling nurses, staff nurses and PRN nurses. It uses survey responses to provide insights that can better inform healthcare facilities about characteristics, attitudes, and behaviors of nurses.

“Through our survey, we aim to enhance the satisfaction and work-life balance of our clinicians while simultaneously empowering healthcare organizations we partner with to better serve their employees,” said Scott Armstrong, Vice President of Client Growth at Medical Solutions. “By doing so, we contribute to our overarching goal of connecting care to help improve the health and wellbeing of communities across the United States.”

To view the full survey results, please visit:

Medical Solutions is one of the nation’s largest healthcare talent ecosystems — connecting nurses, allied health clinicians, and clinical leaders with healthcare facilities across the U.S. Its service offerings include contingent staffing, managed services, strike staffing, permanent placement, local contract, PRN, and international staffing. For more information about Medical Solutions and its service offerings, visit

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